Why Practice Yoga?

It doesn’t matter how fit or “not fit” you are. It doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know. Anyone can practice yoga. There are many modifications that can be done in every yoga pose to reap its benefits. Yoga is about achieving inner peace and strength and feeling good about yourself so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. So, treat yourself and find some time for the mat on a regular basis – you are worth it and you deserve it!

Benefits of Practicing Yoga: 

1. Increases Physical strength: Yoga is a great tool for toning muscles and  improving flexibility. If you don’t care to spend time in the gym, yoga is a wonderful option that provides so many more benefits

2. Improves Concentration: Yoga teaches us tools to improve concentration and mediation that can be used as an aid daily life. A good yoga class will leave you with a sense of stillness and peace that can last you throughout your day

3. Provides Stress Relief: Yoga uses many different breath-control techniques. By spending time in a yoga class, working consciously with the inhales and exhales, the practitioner can relieve  tension that may be held in the body. This teaches the practitioner to keep attention inwards so that he/she can begin to notice moments when breathing is stifled due to something stress related

4. Repels Chronic Illnesses: People who suffer from heart disease, obesity and diabetes gain the most benefit out of yoga. Amazing improvements in health are accessible. Believe it and achieve it!

5. Creates Inner Peace: To me, this is one of the ultimate benefits of yoga.   So remember don’t take yourself too seriously! Relax, enjoy and allow that peaceful vibration to flow throughout your inner being and carry you throughout your day.

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