What is Yoga?

About Yoga-What is Yoga

For many in the West, yoga is synonymous with the popular posture practice classes (like Hatha or Vinyasa).  But “yoga” is a much broader term.

Literally speaking, “yoga” means to yoke or unite. What are we uniting when we practice yoga? We are integrating the Mind, Body and Spirit via the breath, which is fundamental and essential in yoga. This unity can aid in calming the mind chitta, or chatter, and brings more presence and consequently more richness and fulfillment to one’s life. The fundamental breath typically used is called “Ujayyi”. This is a Sanskrit term, and Sanskrit is the language of yoga.  Yoga can support us in living a more conscious lifestyle while attaining more harmony and inner peace.

If you browse this website, you can learn generally about some of the philosophy, benefits, practices, and different types of yoga.  While understanding yoga intellectually can be helpful, yoga ultimately will be experienced differently by each individual.

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