What is Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga?

For many in the West, the popular posture practice classes are synonymous with Yoga.  Asana (meaning “posture”) is incorporated into Hatha, Vinyasa, and many other types of yoga classes.


Hatha:  The emphasis in Hatha yoga is on balancing dualities in the body, physically and mentally. In the West, Hatha yoga classes may involve more pauses in-between poses. This allows the practitioner to look at the anatomy involved in a pose. It also allows a few moments to become more aware of the breath and any particular sensation that is being experienced in the body, as body-awareness is key in developing a practice.


Vinyasa:  While Hatha focuses on the postures themselves, Vinyasa (or “Vinyasa flow”) focuses on linking breath with flow or movement.  Vinyasa classes give a lot of importance to the journey between the postures and have a general tendency to be led at a quicker pace than a Hatha class.


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