Hatha/Vinyasa Background and Certification:

Hatha Yoga DiplomaLike most people, my first yoga experiences were posture practice classes that were Hatha/Vinyasa based.  I practiced for many years before I was called to become a teacher.  I earned my 200 hour Hatha Teacher Certification from North Shore Yoga in Northfield, Illinois.  Hatha Yoga itself includes a broad range of practices, some physical, some energetic, some meditative.




Tantra Background and Certification:

Tantra Yoga CertificationAlthough I had practiced Hatha Yoga for many years, it was Tantric Yoga that first changed my life.  I was transformed during the three year period in which I completed all three Certification levels available from the TantraNova Institute.  Tantric yoga emphasizes the channeling of Life Force Energy. Conscious use of this Energy can illuminate new paths toward life transformation.  My journey in Tantra brought me from living unconsciously to consciously.  It also inspired me to become a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor.



Kundalini Background and Certification:

Kundalini CertificationFor years, I took occasional Kundalini Yoga classes and over time, my interest grew into a passion. As my awareness continued to expand, I felt called to delve further.  So, I completed the 8 month Kundalini Yoga teacher training program at Spirit Rising Foundation in Chicago and earned my Certificate as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor via KYI (Kundalini Yoga Institute).  Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness.  The practice can seem mysterious, but it is a wonderfully inviting and powerful practice that can support any practitioner’s personal growth.  To learn more about Kundalini Yoga, visit my What is Kundalini Yoga? page.



Life Experience Outside of Yoga

I graduated Valedictorian of my class and earned a Master’s Degree in Music Performance from Northern Illinois University in 1994 as a Double Bass Major. I then immediately enrolled full time at the Chicago School of Violin-Making, graduating in 1997. In 1998, I founded Classic Contrabass Inc., a workshop devoted exclusively to the restoration, sales & repairs of the Double Bass, www.AllThingsBass.com


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