How I Found Yoga

About MF-How I Found YogaI found yoga just when I needed it. It saved me. I was young, healthy, had a great marriage, financial security, a successful business and all the material items I was told would “make me happy”.  But why was I so miserable? I was off and on fighting depression and my moods were unpredictable. This is when my Soul search began.

Like many people, yoga started out for me as a form of exercise – nothing more. I attended class once a week  and always enjoyed it. It was a hobby. Soon, people started pointing out how much I talked about it and how much happier I seemed. As my awareness grew around my new-found passion, I realized how much I wanted to learn more. I got certified to teach Hatha yoga, and certifications in Tantra and Kundalini yoga then followed. Many positive shifts occurred in my life, and I was finding fascinating teachers and fellow practitioners all around. I began to live consciously, which created a pathway for much more flow in my life. I was self-empowered, now knowing how to create and maintain things in my life that fulfilled and fueled me – things that made me feel truly alive and purposeful. I had learned how to live.

I practice yoga to be the best version of me that I can be, knowing that whatever I encounter along the way is all part of the journey. I invite you to take that journey – to always explore and expand. Perhaps you will allow me to guide you along the way.


My Life Outside of Yoga

Yoga is not just my job – it is a lifestyle that I live.

I’ve been married since 1992 to my amazing friend and life partner, John. I love to be surrounded by friends, to play my guitar or djembe, and to head to the mountains with John for relaxation and peace.  I also love to spoil my three cats, Myles, Nyx, and Alibi.  Although yoga is my passion, I still operate Classic Contrabass, Inc., an instrument workshop devoted exclusively to the restoration, sales and repairs of the Double Bass.

Whatever I do, I try to do with awareness and presence, knowing that each step along the way, especially if it is a challenging one, is a potent teacher. I am grateful to all the people and experiences that the Universe has presented to me.  Thank you all for your contributions along the way.

Sat Nam!

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