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Bobby Gene Long, Professional Artist & Photographer, Chicago, Il


“Practice with Michelle is truly a wonderful mind-body-spirit experience. She brings her expertise from multiple yoga styles together seamlessly, makes each class unique, works amazingly well with yogis of all levels, and wraps it all together by guiding students to practice mindfully and with intention. Michelle’s classes are among the best I have experienced in my nearly 25 years of practice.”

Phyllis Kennedy, Senior Manager-Corporate Communications, Northbrook, Il



“I can tell that Michelle has a broad and deep knowledge of the practices she presents and I never feel talked down to.  I come away from each of Michelle’s Tantra and Creation Yoga workshops with something unique – an exercise or a new understanding or appreciation of something in my life.  I especially enjoy the Creation Yoga sessions.  I recommend these to anybody who wants to resonate with the theme of the workshop. “

 Jack, Attorney, Chicago Il


“Michelle/Puranpreet Kaur is a committed and dedicated Kundalini yoga instructor.  She is hungry for knowledge and her curiosity is matched by her desire to share her love of Kundalini yoga with her students. As a Kundalini yoga instructor myself, I find her teaching style engaging with an unusual blend of both strength and nurturing. She gently pushes people to expand and discover themselves during class while radiating her own inner Light and Love.  Her passion for Kundalini yoga and her students is obvious.

Jennifer Miller, Property Manager, Morton Grove, IL


“Michelle Fiore is a compassionate teacher of Yoga. I have been Michelle’s boss at the Center Fitness Club in Wilmette for a year and have enjoyed participating in her classes.  In every class, Michelle invites her students to explore the physical body, touch the edge of their potential, while encouraging spiritual exploration.  I leave her class feeling light, centered and renewed.”

Julie Mantice, Manager- Center Fitness Club, Wilmette, Il


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“Michelle and I shared a Four- Class Sequence where she guided me on a Tantric journey of inner development. We tackled issues and expanded horizons through clinical sessions. I highly recommend spending time with Michelle if you wish to explore and find your limits!”

Istvan Christophersen, Business owner, Chicago, Il


“Michelle teaches with a confidence and patience that radiates from her Being and derives from her passion for Yoga, both as a practice and a way of life. She encourages you to be open and reach for new limits in a very safe and supportive way. I love her flow and always feel centered, with some new nugget of wisdom to take with me when I leave.”

Julianne Myers, Accountant, Evanston, Il


“Michelle is one of my favorite yoga instructors…. she embodies what yoga is all about…  SPIRITUALITY, GROWTH, PEACE, & LOVE.  Thank you Michelle, for sharing your passion and your knowledge of yoga, you’re spirit shows through and it’s obvious that you are following your bliss!  Love your yoga classes!!!”

Kathleen Naomi, Entrepreneur/Designer, Wilmette, Il.


“I have known Michelle Fiore as a yoga teacher since 2012. Her teaching is outstanding and her interpersonal skills utilized in her classes are also amazing.  She works well with all students and easily adjusts her teaching style depending on the level of the student.  Michelle has demonstrated knowledge of various types of yoga. She has instilled an intensity of interest and appreciation for yoga within me – not an easy task. One of the most valid measures of her success as a teacher is her ability to stimulate growth – she inspires me to excel within my practice of yoga.”

Alana Purcell, Teacher, Wilmette Il


“Being a full-time student as well as balancing the added stresses that life and work bring to the table have been extremely challenging and somewhat daunting for me. Michelle has quite literally changed my life, both physically and spiritually. After seeing her passion for yoga and being invited to attend a single session, I now find myself able to better enjoy the beauty and fullness this world has to offer. Physically I am sleeping better, eating healthier and I am much more flexible. Her level of expertise and patience adds to her talents while she exudes confidence and happiness onto her students and surroundings. She has greatly helped me understand my purpose and path in life. I would highly recommend her teachings to anyone and everyone.”

Steve Blank, IT Professional, Libertyville Il


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“I regularly practice yoga with Michelle and find her approach to be a different than every other instructor I’ve taken classes with. In large part, that is because Michelle’s approach to yoga is not restricted to achieving the physical postures but also includes the spiritual, meditative and philosophical aspects as well. That balanced focus does a lot to elevate the yoga experience. I heartily recommend anyone who is looking for a new yoga experience, whether novice or veteran, to try a class with Michelle.”

Jim George, Vice-President of Military Affairs, Wilmette, Il


“I have enjoyed studying yoga from Michelle Fiore over the last few years. It is great to have an instructor who plans her class around the needs of her students. Michelle’s instruction and joyful enthusiasm leaves me feeling refreshed and energized after each class. I highly recommend her to any aspiring or advanced yoga student.”

Warren Wright, Art Dealer, Vernon Hills, Il



I have been attending various yoga classes taught by Michelle Fiore for some time. I especially enjoy her classes, because her demonstrations and verbal cues are clear and effective. I always leave the class relieved of stress, yet full of positive energy. She has a wealth of knowledge about yoga history and practices and I appreciate that she shares it in small doses each class.”

Colleen Grimm, Full-time Mother of 5, Des Plaines, Il.


About MF-Testimonials“I love taking yoga with Michelle because she is caring and ensures that you are correctly aligned. She has a calming voice and always provides a challenging practice, while presenting modifications whenever needed”

Marilyn Mages, Writer/Editor, Northbrook Il


“I’ve been practicing Yoga for many years. I met Michelle about 3 years ago and I was impressed by her Yoga style. She uses a completely different approach than all other teachers I’ve ever had. Her practice is not based solely on holding postures, it also includes meditation and spirituality. Michelle’s philosophy and style of Yoga are really outstanding. I sincerely suggest to anyone who is looking for a great Yoga experience to try one of Michelle’s classes.”

Danielle Kakos, Teacher, Mt. Prospect, Il


“Michelle has been my Yoga instructor for a while now. I have practiced Yoga for many years with various instructors. Michelle is an excellent Yoga teacher for all levels. She includes gentle and kind meditative sayings in the practice, that truly inspire me”

Rachel Siegel, Artist, Wilmette, Il

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