About Tantric Sex

TY-About Tantric SexOften times, people get attached to the notion that Tantric sex is largely about finessing in and out of elaborate sexual positions. This idea likely came from the Kama Sutra.

In Neo-Tantric philosophy, tantric sex is not a tantric exercise or practice in and of itself, but a state reached during sexual interaction involving a high level of awareness, connectivity, consciousness, and spiritual exchange of Sexual Energy.  Tantric sex can be experienced through the study of tantric practices.  It can be experienced during a ceremonial ritual (as it was typically practiced in Classical Tantra), or it can be experienced as a brief, spontaneous connection in the mix of more vigorous sexual engagement. One way to think about Tantric sex is as a physical intimacy that fulfills the experience of a spiritual connection. It can weave partners in a blended fusion of sexual, emotional, and spiritual completeness.

Know that in Tantra, everything is seen as sacred. This includes both the physical and the spiritual. Be sure not to judge your partner for the way he/she experience his/her Sexual Energy. Have fun, communicate, explore and be joyful in your journey together. This will expand love. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to experience such a beautiful union.

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