Tantric Philosophy

Both Classical Tantra and Neo-Tantra work with the transformation of energy and to balance various polarities. These two characteristics are what make all Tantra, Tantra.  While Classical Tantra’s aim is generally to utilize Life Force Energy to connect with higher levels of consciousness, Neo-Tantra is taught with a range of different ideals depending upon the teacher or school of thought.

Life Force Energy may be thought of as synonymous with the terms prana, chi, qi, and orende, all of which come from other traditions.  In some other traditions, it may be thought of as the breath of God the Creator or the Holy Spirit.  It is the energy that flows within and is responsible for giving life to the body. It also is the energy that flows through all of existence and is responsible for creation of the Universe itself.  It is always there, whether or not we are aware of it.

Tantra has been categorized into White, Red, and Black.



White Tantra uses energy to release subconscious blocks so more peace can be accessed and life can be enjoyed to the fullest. Kundalini Yoga is related to White Tantra. Michelle is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor via the Kundalini Yoga Institute.

Red Tantra utilizes Sexual Energy to raise consciousness and create transformation.  Michelle holds Level Three Certification in the red Neo-Tantra tradition.

Black Tantra involves the transformation of energy into power, often with the goal of being able to influence or manipulate people or the earth’s elements. Michelle has no relationship to the practices of Black Tantra.


Many people currently interested in Tantra over-focus on the misguided reputation of Tantra as being “all about sex”. Sexual Energy is one powerful form of Life Force Energy.  Conception (where we all come from) is Life Force Energy manifested as Creation Energy for human life.  Sexual Energy, like other forms of Creation Energy, is simply Life Force Energy manifested in a particular way.

Sexual Energy is one (but not the only) form of Life Force Energy that Tantric practitioners may draw upon to create transformation.  Tantric exercises can be practiced by individuals outside of a sexual relationship.  They can transform lives not only sexually, but in many other ways as well. Life Force Energy can manifest in many non-sexual ways to help a person feel enriched and achieve a greater sense of balance, serenity and inner peace within themselves and with the world. This in turn can transform us, sexually and otherwise.


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