What is Tantra/Neo-Tantra?


TY-What is Tantra-Neo-TantraTantra is one of the six main branches of yoga.  Tantric yoga works with two elements: the transformation of energy, and the balancing of various polarities.  Neo-Tantra (as opposed to Classical Tantra) is a term used in the West to describe Tantra in the modern day.  While Classical Tantra’s aim is generally to utilize Life Force Energy to connect with higher levels of consciousness, Neo-Tantra is taught with a range of different ideals depending upon the teacher or school of thought.  I started Creation Yoga to share my Neo-Tantric philosophy, which involves concentrating Life Force Energy to create the life you envision.

Neo-Tantric practices are designed to focus and utilize Life Force Energy to manifest intention, often related to spiritual growth.  The term Life Force Energy may be thought of as synonymous with the terms prana, qi, chi and orende, all of which come from other traditions. It is the energy that flows within and is responsible for giving life to the body and all of Creation. It is always there, whether or not we are aware of it.

Many people interested in Neo-Tantra over-focus on the misguided reputation of Tantra as being “all about sex”. Sexual Energy is one powerful form of Life Force Energy. We all come from conception which is Life Force Energy manifested into the intention of creating human life.  Sexual Energy, like other forms of Creation Energy, is simply Life Force Energy manifested in a particular way. It is one (but not the only) form of Life Force Energy that Tantric practitioners draw upon to manifest intention and create transformation in their lives.  Life Force Energy can manifest in many non-sexual ways and Tantric exercises can be practiced by individuals outside of a sexual relationship.

Of course, enhancing a person’s sex life can be one intention of Neo-Tantra and also can enhance a person’s growth in other ways.  Bringing consciousness aroundTY-What is Tantra-NeoTantra2 sexuality allows us to engage with intention, rather than allowing our sexuality to control us.  In addition, sexual Neo-Tantric practices teach us to experience the subtle energies that exist within our sexual beingness so that we can enhance pleasure and direct those energies into transformation in our lives. These practices can increase orgasmic capacity and bring about deeper communication with a partner, resulting in higher levels of connection and an enhanced intimate relationship.

Ultimately, whether you engage in Tantric/Neo-Tantric practices to enhance your sex life or to obtain spiritual or personal growth, you might find that you get both.

My Tantric training included an immersion into a variety of Tantric practices as a solo practitioner and in union with others in the Neo-Tantric traditions. This blend of experiences has become the foundation for how Creation Yoga brings Neo-Tantra to the community.


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