Kundalini Philosophy


Kundalini yoga is an energetic practice and is sometimes referred to as a scientific technology.  Its philosophies are deeply rooted in traditional Indian yogic teachings.  Kundalini energy sits dormant at the base of the spine. Practices specific to Kundalini yoga are done to awaken this energy, so it can rise up the spine, awakening the chakras. Kundalini yoga mixes and balances prana (inward flow of energy) and apana (outward flow of energy). When these two energies are united, heat is created at the pranic center – an area of the subtle body that sits just below the navel and back toward the spine. The heat generated in this process ignites the Kundalini and clears a pathway for it to rise up.

A flowing Kundalini energy illuminates a path toward personal growth and self-realization so that we can live to our highest potential. Kundalini yoga also is known as the Yoga of Awareness because a flowing Kundalini energy brings an inner stillness and clarity of intuition that allows us to listen to our inner voice in a more trusting way. This supports us in making desired life changes and fulfilling intentions.

Kundalini yoga is not a religion and does not require or promote any specific deity or faith.  It is practiced by people of many different religious traditions, cultures and backgrounds, all over the world.  I have practiced with Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Agnostics. All are invited!!


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