What’s With All the White Clothes?

KY-White ClothesStudents are invited to wear white to Kundalini yoga class, but it is never a requirement.  The teacher will always be in white, natural fiber clothing that is flowing to allow the Kundalini energy to dance freely. Wearing white can be thought of as “color therapy” as white often creates peace and instills a sense of calm.

Wearing natural fibers helps to eliminate any obstructions in energy flow, or prana. Loose clothing allows the energy to dissipate freely, especially if the class involves a more active kriya.

If you mix all of the colors of the rainbow – or the chakras – white is the result. Wearing white is said to expand the aura, which projects and protects an individual by 12-18 inches. The color white represents purity and serenity. White projects a high vibration, and elevates us. It also protects from absorbing any negative energy.

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